I'm an award-winning author, keynote speaker, holistic writing coach and wellness advocate.

My core message — that feeling well is the secret to writing well — has inspired writers and creatives across the globe to reclaim their dreams and create the careers they've always wanted.

But let me tell you...I had to deal with a whole lot of fear and insecurity along the way. I was only able to do all the things I've done over the years because I figured out that: 

The only issues holding us creatives back from being successful are emotional, and the only person holding you back is YOU.

I pulled my consciousness (kicking and screaming) through a journey of self-transformation that freed me from fear and allowed me to write over 160+ stories, poems and plays, win national awards and feel confident and fulfilled in my work every single day. And I believe I can do it for you, too.

Which is why in 2014, I launched The Authorship Program®.

A book and online course that is designed to teach writers how to conquer fear in their creative lives in just 12 weeks.

Since the launch, The Authorship Program® has transformed into many other mediums including a popular weekly blog, an online course that aims to take over 1 million writers on a journey to creative self-discovery, holistic wellbeing and authentic living. Not only that, but it sparked the movement that allowed me to create many other guides to the holistic writing life. So if you're a writer, I'd like you to join the movement. 

To do that, you first join the free community, darling.

Then you check the archives.

Then you fall in love.