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The Authorship Program® Daily Practice is the ultimate holistic training guide for writers. This planner will become your very own personal coach, providing you with concrete and actionable structure for your every day creative life.

The practice pages help you plan your day using the 15 principles of successful authors, based from the popular book and multimedia course. Each stage lays the foundation for achieving your creative goals, reaching your potential and completing full mind/body/spirit enlightenment.

There's no better way to apply the principles of the program to your everyday life.

Prepare for your writing life to change!




This planner is really the unwritten secret behind the REAL secret of The Authorship Program® (which already has thousands of members and supporters) and once you have both, there's nothing stopping you - which is exactly what the community have learnt!

The Daily Practice has become quite an underground movement in itself, since it was created. Independent groups have been popping up all over the internet of their own, planner enthusiasts trying it out and experiencing incredible results for themselves. The fifteen principles really come into their own in this format, which is practical and actionable for your everyday life. The main community was to support and encourage all users of this system to become their best selves and run towards their dreams at full speed with every day.



Q1: What makes this planner so special?

This planner uses The Authorship Program's principles and system in a way that you can only get from Stephanie Lennox, but it also has something Stephanie has called "fulfilment boxes" to help you track the patterns that emerge in your mind.

Other planners can become a distraction at times. While bright designs can be interesting at first, the average planner often becomes more of a cute hobby than something that can be actually used as a powerful mindset transformation tool.

Q2: What are "Fulfilment Boxes"?

Fulfilment boxes are to signify whether you fulfilled what you wrote down, i.e. what you intended to do, or feel, or believe that day. So for example, if you wrote, 'I deserve it because...I will work hard', but don't feel you fulfilled that at the end of the day, then it's okay to leave it blank. This is a process of self-reflection that will stir your passion for self-improvement if you allow yourself to be open and honest throughout the process.

Q3: Why a Daily Practice?

Even if you've gone through The Authorship Program course, it's easy for your mastery of the principles to fade and for your old, stagnant routines to resurface in your life, feeling you unfulfilled and stuck. Even though you know the stages, when that happens it's easy to panic. But with a daily practice, you're training your psyche. You're resetting your mind, body, energy and spirit metaphysically with every new day. That leaves no room for the failures, confusion or regrets about the past. You get your new chance with every sunrise to hold back on the racehorse to your dreams.

Q4: Do I have to have bought The Authorship Program for this Daily Practice to make sense?

Nope! I mean, it would help a little if you knew the inner nuances and science behind the principles, but the general "how to use" information about the process is in the introduction of the planner.

Q5: What kind of things could I discover about myself by using the this Daily Practice?

  • Showing up (or, mindfulness): The simple act of acting consciously and intentionally.
  • Self-confidence: The awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Self-esteem: Releasing our negative self-talk that often turns us into our own worst enemies.
  • Self-efficacy: Having a healthy balance of trust and reliance in ourselves, as opposed to waiting for luck or fate.
  • Emotional intelligence: Improving our ability to recognise our own emotions, and the emotions of others.
  • Mindset: Breaking free of the patterns of thinking we’ve created in the past that were holding us back.
  • Values: Being able to reflect on the things that are the most important in our lives.
  • Purpose: Deciding on what kind of legacy we’d like to leave to our friends, loved ones, and the world.
  • Motivation: Having awareness of what makes us unmotivated, and formulating a plan to combat it.
  • Affirmations: The creation of a statement that we wholeheartedly know to be true to use as inspiration.
  • Goal-setting: The ability to set a goal and the relevant steps and processes towards achieving it.
  • Productivity: The art of getting the actual work done, with full focus, and no distractions.
  • Self-management: The spiritual gratitude for time and the practice of using it to its best potential.
  • Success: Defining our own versions of success, so that we will know when we achieve it.
  • Happiness: Defining our own versions of happiness, so that we can celebrate and relish in it every chance we get.

Q6: I bought the Daily Practice before the course came out, can I also get the mini-course?

Sure! In fact if you tweet at me with a picture of your purchased planner, I'll send you a special code so you can get £5 off the course.

When you focus on the right things in the right order, everything falls into place.

Q7: I've never really journalled/used a planner before, any tips?

Buy this planner. Use it daily. Change your life.

It’s not just a planner... it’s the start of your best life.
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