36 more books in the process...and counting: follow my #wholewriter life

One of the main reasons I created The Authorship Program® was so I could move forward past my own fears and get back to doing what I loved: writing novels.

So of course, this blog is going to be filled with snippets, anecdotes and personal stories about my own journey trying to complete all these stories that plague my mind.

The one question non-writerly folk loves to ask me is "what book are you writing now?" which I can't give a straight answer to most of the time because I'm often be working on multiple, so I decided to create this little list that I could easily refer them to in order to find out what's been happening lately in my crazy, transgressive artistically-inclined mind.

The "36 books" thing is my little inside joke,  because whenever people ask me how many projects I'm working on I say 36, regardless of the actual number. There's always around that number of projects swimming around in my head at any given time, though! So it's very possible since at the time you read this post, some may have been completed, new ones added and so on. 

I'll keep coming back to this post and adding news to each project so you can have a peek at how it's all going. So the next time I say "I'm writing my book", it'll most likely be one of these. 

Also, for anyone wondering how I manage all of these projects at once, the answer is I don't. I have certain weeks for certain projects, and compartmentalise my time, haha.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my upcoming projects...


A cutting, satirical look into art and writing in the 21st century, how young people navigate it, and what to do about all the strange whispers and looks we receive along the way. Career advice with a sarcastic edge for the modern entrepreneur.


A book about how to aggressively achieve anything you want in life...(and more). This is shaping up to be an incredibly powerful, relatable, empowering book that will benefit so many people, even if I do say so myself. I can't wait to share the tagline too, it's killer.


A spoken word poetry collection about a life, touched by the universe's multi-faceted young women that we all might be lucky (or unlucky) enough to encounter throughout our lives. Fuelled by personal and powerful real-life experiences, Femme Fatale is a journey that celebrates the spiritual, emotional and sexual power of women.


A spoken word poetry collection about overcoming adversity, coming of age and coming full circle.


A book about a seven year adventure around the UK and how it changed my life forever, written in an exaggerated, transgressive, humorous memoir style.


A book about the origin of ideas, how ideas are formed, the lifecycle of ideas and what happens when an idea changes everything.


This one will be a book but also another course, about the power of speed to not only get what you want done today, but also in the greater scheme of your life's goals and purpose.


Ooh, I'm so excited for this one! It's something I've never done before - a steampunk novel for young adults - but it will be EPIC.


Based on the popular article I did about comparison under this same name, I've decided to expand my thoughts about how to overcome jealousy and caring about what other people are doing on the journey towards your greatest good, including some killer case studies from people who have already overcome it.


My fave, fave, fave thriller series. The first was completed ages ago but I realised as I went on that the full story needed to be told in three parts because there was so, so much more to tell. This series is about a silver screen siren turned serial murderer. (Yep, try saying it three times fast, folks.)


What kind of writer would you be if you weren't afraid? What would your #wholewriter do? That's right - the official personal development and spiritual bible of the #wholewriter movement is coming, and I'm so excited to lay its legacy down on paper. Featuring the movement, the journey, and you!


A fictional post-apocalyptic novel about a world where everyone who dies immediately goes to Heaven, and the chaos that ensures in such an alternate Universe.


A thriller about a guy who runs a large organisation...and that's literally all I can say for now...!


If you'd like to go real deep with me on any of these projects...(plus new ones I create especially for members!) you can check out Lennox Media: a Patreon studio and community that gets the everyday behind the scenes of how I write, when I write, and what I'm writing next.

With special features, opportunities to contribute and be credited as the projects expand, and guest appearances from some of my nearest and dearest - the most talented authors, songwriters, producers, lightworkers, podcasters and designers around...you will LOVE everything about this community and find the inspiration you need to complete your works, too.

Come join us!

Over to you:

What are you working on at the moment? With a coded title or not, let me know in the comments below!

Stephanie Lennox