TSLS 0041 - How to shift from a failing mindset to a successful one (in 10 seconds flat)


There is no need for doubt, because the answer is always yes.


There is NO NEED for DOUBT, because the answer is ALWAYS YES.

In your life, in your work, in your relationship, in your destiny.

When you have a success-centered mindset, you have to know that the answer is always yes. Even a failure or a setback is a yes to something in your future that is coming right for you - you just don't know it yet. If you succeed, there was nothing to worry about because it was destined for you. You were meant to have it. Doubt is a useless emotion that only hinders either of these outcomes.

So when you’re doubting that what you have to say is worthwhile, and let me tell you, it is. The answer is always yes, fact.

And when you’re doubting that you don’t have the talent, remember that it’s not about you. No one is telling you to take off your clothes. You are the one who has been called to share a certain message, a message worth sharing. And sure, the journey might feel a little uncomfortable at times, because you’ll always feel that desire to portray the message in the best way you possibly can, but just know that's not doubt. That's being vulnerable, and that's what the world needs.

When you’re doubting that your message is too BIG, or too small, or whatever other worry you have in your mind right now - know that even if you make the biggest mistake of your entire career tomorrow, you'll keep breathing.

The sun will still rise.

And the only thing you'll have to face is your own embarrassment, which you can CHOOSE not to have! You can start right now. Because you are not the centre of everyone's universe, you are but a piece. And you do not have to carry the burden of embarrassment on your journey because it is a self-inflicted form of sadism that affects no one else’s life but your own.

If you fail, you can just do something else.

If people don't like it, you can just change you strategy.

If you were vulnerable, you can be proud of yourself.

There is no doubt strong enough in this world that has the power to ruin your dream, unless you give it the power to do so.