What your soul is really trying to tell you when you get side-tracked by other people's successes

I've never in the history of my life, ever, wanted to climb a mountain.

That is, until I saw a bold, brave, beautiful woman rockin' it in a fitness magazine the other day. I stared mouth agape at the picture of her, completely confident and smiling into my soul, and suddenly I heard a voice inside myself whisper: "I need to climb a mountain."

Now of course, that's ridiculous, isn't it? Climbing a mountain wouldn't make me any happier, more beautiful, or confident. (At least, I don't think it would). It certainly wouldn't allow be to BE that beautiful confident woman within the pages of this glossy magazine. So why? What was this compulsion to be someone I'm not and where did it come from?

If you've ever aimed to do anything in your life, you will know this feeling.

You're chugging along nicely with your own ideas and goals, when suddenly a wild new concept appears that completely shakes your world upside down. And now all you can think about is that new concept, your ideas be damned. 

Sometimes it's because the new idea looks so much better than you feel yours could ever be. 

Sometimes it's because it ignites your insecurities and makes you want to take the easy way out of the emotional pain. 

Other times, it's because the person seems so confident and sure of themselves and their new idea that you start to think it must be the right thing.

But when this happens, you need to take a good hard look at what exactly it is you're jealous of. 99.9% of the time, it's not the actual "thing". It's the confidence surrounding the person and their thing. 

You don't necessarily want to do the "thing", but you want to feel the feeling. 

Another example of this is when I see dancers, I get instantly jealous and want to become a dancer. When in reality, I have no passion to do that, I'd probably suck at it, and it isn't my calling. But I'm jealous because what they do looks so fun and I can see their best selves shining through their moves. 

Now, stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on cultivating YOUR thing to provide the happiness that you want. That kind of happiness won't come from you putting your own destiny off in lieu of looking for an alternative or easier option that totally isn't suited to you. 

You have your own thing. Go do it.