Stop aspiring, start writing: Why you need to start TODAY to nab your choice literary agent this month

I get a lot of "aspiring" writers coming to me to tell me all about their dreams of becoming authors and making a living from writing.

It usually sounds something like this:

I would just LOVE to be a writer! Sososososmuch!

When I tell them that there are many, many solutions to this issue, however - some that require effort over money, others that require money over effort - it's like I'm speaking another language. 

What do you mean I actually have to put some effort in to make this dream work? I'm out. 

I don't know what other people have been telling you, but you can't just have "aspiring" anything in your bio and not be putting in the work.

What you're saying is you want to be an artist, author, painter (like 90% of everyone else in the world) but aren't prepared to give it a real shot (like 90% of everyone else in the world), so please stop wasting everyone's time.

You're not doing yourself any favours. You're just highlighting the fact that not only are you one of the 90% percent, but also deluded about it.

There's just too much preening in this industry. Too much waiting for something to happen. Too much dreaming...when all you really need to get started is to take a little bit of initiative for yourself.

It's like standing on a street corner with a sign, wholly unqualified, with nothing to show for yourself in the field that you claim to be interested in...yet still expecting someone to discover you and give you a job. 

It's like demanding that someone hire you first, before you've started practicing the craft. Who wants to employ someone like that?

Aspiring is losing.

Aspiring is being offended by offers who want to help you out in exchange for your money - because even though you want it, you don't want it THAT much. 

It's giving up before you've even begun because you feel it would take too much time.

So what is there to do about this situation?

Write. Write today, write now. Because then you're not aspiring, you're writing, and that's what makes you a writer. 

You don't have to deny yourself the title of "writer" because you don't have any works out there yet, or because you're not making money from it yet. 

You'll have a lot better chance of getting someone interested in you (if that's what you want) by calling yourself a writer and actually doing the work, than calling yourself an "aspiring author" which is like trying to get something for nothing.

"Writer" is not a title someone gives you, it's a lifestyle, and you're free to live it. - Tweet this!

So start creating your body of work today - you won't regret it. 

Stephanie Lennox