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TSLS 0043 - The frustrated creatives' manifesto (for when things aren't going well and you need a perfect revolution)

Writing isn't a real job. Creativity doesn't make money. Everyone online and on television got lucky, or are lying. We've just been fooling ourselves all this time.

These are the kind of things I think to myself when writing isn't going well. 

When I want to write, but don't know WHAT to write. Or when I don't know whether or not it'll be worth anything to anyone at all. Whether it's good enough by the imaginary, insurmountably high standards I've set for myself. 

And then I get frustrated with yourself because I want it to work so bad, and it seems so simple, and if I were to explain any of this to anyone, they'd think…how pathetic. 

And I judge myself so hard because if anyone were to come to you with the same struggles, you know exactly what you'd say, and it wouldn't be at all sympathetic. Stop being a loser! I'd say. Buck up! Get it done!  

But sometimes, honest to God, there just are no words. Right? There is a block so large and heavy and unseen that it ruins everything. Sometimes you're just overwhelmed by pressure. Sometimes you're just over the rejection, over the pain, over the insecurity and you have just mentally given up.

Writing hurts, writing judges, so let's be done with it. 

I don't want you to write. From now on I want you to do anything but write. 

You find something to say, and say it. You find something to get angry at, to stand behind, to show up for. Then you let it stream out of you from here. It's not writing then, it's living on the page. It's sharing a message, it's having something to say, and it's not judging yourself. It's never allowing fear or perfectionism or doubt hinder the essence of your perfect revolution. 

Don't just write - explain. Express. Make art. Scream through words. Shake the world.

No longer shall you beg for the words to come out of you. 

You need to wait for something so big, so important and rare, that the words beg you.

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TSLS 0036 - The ultimate writer's block pep-talk (to be read in every creative emergency)

We've all experienced "writer's block" at one time or another, right?

You know, that feeling that all your best ideas have been stolen away by "the boogeyman".

Where you can't remember your writing voice and everything you spit out seems stale and unoriginal. That is, if you're spitting out anything at all. A lot of the time you're just in the staring phase, paralysed by the blank page and the thought of defiling it is making you a little sick, to be honest. Right?

This feeling has been annoying, frustrating and even debilitating for me in the past, so I can relate if you feel like this is where you are right now...but I also have some ultra-fantastic news for you.

"Writer's block" is curable, you've just got to stop acting like it's not.

And I don't mean that in some fluffy woo-woo, "The Secret" kind of way. This is a fact:

If you freak out every time you get stuck on your latest writing project and convince yourself that it is forever instead of just a season, you'll turn something that was really only a small setback into a hideous, debilitating long-term issue.

You are not blocked forever. You're not going to suffer forever. And in fact, the suffering can end exactly when YOU decide.

"Writers' Block" is simply a type of fear that gets stronger every time you call it by this name.

@@"Writers' Block" is simply a type of fear that gets stronger every time you call it this name.@@

In The Authorship Program®, we discuss the importance of knowing that some beliefs are limited, and some are unlimited. Some beliefs are useful, and others are detrimental. Writer's block is the most detrimental belief of all.

Feeding into the idea of it and giving it more strength and weight in your life than it should have is only keeping it around longer than it needs to be.

So, how long is it going to take you to gather the courage to turn on the lights and peer under the bed, only to find that "the boogeyman" is just a pair of old socks?

How long will you let fear eat away at everything that was fun and good about writing, instead of plunging in and remembering that it isn't so bad after all?

There's no physical reason you can't pick up a pen and start writing whenever you want to.

Don't tell yourself you can't - you can.

And you will when you're ready.

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TSLS 0013 - Your first draft is just the beginning.

Allow yourself to be terrible!

You need to start somewhere.

Give yourself the grace period, the opportunity, the freedom of creating something completely, unabashedly, embarrassingly bad.

I know in your mind and in your heart, you will die a little inside when I tell you to start the e-book you've been dreaming about in a shitty Word document. Or to start your blog with one lone post.

I know your soul will cry out:

"No graphics? No formatting? Arial font?!"

But that's just perfectionism speaking.

Perfectionism is an emotional block, and a huge one at that.

It will never come out as the masterpiece you see in your mind right away...but that's not a bad thing. Because as soon as you surrender yourself to the idea that it will never be as perfect then get it down in physical form anyway, you will free yourself. 

Not only will you have something physical to work with, but you'll open space in your mind for even bigger, better ideas. New opportunities will come into your life in a way they simply weren't able to before, when you had your blinkers on and were closed to new things.

Unless it's on paper, you're not in control of your idea, it's in control of you. 

You might think you're protecting your idea from being ripped apart by the world, but really, your precious idea is holding you back from moving forward in your creative growth like a jealous boyfriend.

I'm not saying your idea can't ever be good. I'm saying that you need to bring it into the light before you can see what it really is right at this moment.

You need to analyse it under the magnifying glass, naked, expose its vulnerabilities, then when you realise that you love it anyway... you can truly commit to make it as awesome as it can be.

What you bring into the world won't ever be perfect...

But it can still be really, really good.

At first it will be terrible, but you can always make it better.

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