The rise of the #wholewriter: how I am partnering with the most enlightened writers in the business to create a global movement (part one)

Every movement attracts a certain type of people, and all of the people involved often share a good amount of shared traits.

So without further ado, here’s a list of questions to help you discover if you’re the type of person we want to join the #wholewriter movement. 

Do you know deep down that writing is your destiny?

Some people were born to be singers, some actors…but you know you were born to write. You might not have chosen it for yourself given the option, but you can't deny that writing is a part of you, and always will be.

Do you want to write no matter how hard it gets?

No matter how much you cursed your story yesterday, and threw crumpled pages against the wall, it never stops you from returning to that old manuscript. That old blank page, or that familiar blinking cursor on your laptop — again, and again, and again.

Are you a “die-hard” writer?

You find that it’s the best way to authentically express yourself, and always prefer to write than communicate in any other way when given the choice.

Do you know you have so much more to achieve in your writing and life?

If you just had a chance, you know you could do so much more for the world, if you just had what you need emotionally, or just knew where to start. The Authorship Program® gives you that place to start.

Are you ready to try a more holistic approach to the writing life?

You’re starting to realise that holistic writing advice is the new black, and the only way to really make a difference in your own writing career is to seek advice that speaks to your soul.

Are you ready to think bigger, play bigger, and leave your legacy with your words?

Isn’t it every writer’s dream to be thought of as a legend? To be discussed in the newspapers, to have their opinions respected by journalists and magazine publishers, and to have their talent studied in universities? You know that if you were to leave a brilliant legacy behind, it would most likely be through your novels.

Are you willing to do anything to make your dream a reality?

The Authorship Program® was built for the go-getters. The people who are simply dying for someone to set them on a path to success that they can run down. The people who were just waiting for the sign that they should up their game and finally become who they were meant to be.

This is it.

Over to you:

What do you think, are you a member of our #wholewriter movement? Let me know in the comments below!

Stephanie Lennox