The wholewriter blog hop officially begins today!

Alright, alright, folks!

This is something I've been super excited about for a long time...because it's such a cool way for us cool people to get together, connect and further the movement by sharing our hearts.

This is our blog hop, where we allow the voices of the movement to share their stories around a singular theme to create community among us creative souls.

The growth of this community is so personally important to me because all I have to do is think about that one young person out there at the moment, and all they have around them at the moment is naysayers and no positive role models. It is our job, as a collective community, to show this young creator that there are people out there just like them: the rebels, the storytellers, the misfits, who are not only surviving, but thriving.

We need to let them know that there is nothing wrong with them for wanting to pursue art, because in fact, the world needs their art - and their creative work has value. We need to let them know that they are not alone, for those restless, terrifying nights where they're up terrified of what the future holds and where they will fit in.

Here's how it works:

There will be a series of simple questions every week that you can post onto your own writer blogs.

Here's how to get involved:

Check out the library of prompts, respond to any one of the questions on your blog or on social media, link back and get more people involved. Aim to inspire!

What you get:

You get views to your lovely website, and the movement gains new members.

Let's do this! Thank you for reading!

Click any image below to go to the prompt library (and check out the further rules for posting below each prompt):



Over to you:

If this sounds good to you, and something you'll think about participating in on your blog or social media, comment "I'm in!" in the comments section below.

Stephanie Lennox