TSLS 0003 - Why traditional writing advice doesn't work (and here’s what does)


Most traditional writing blogs today are inane, outdated, and just generally unhelpful. 

You know the ones - the ones that talk about plot points and characterisation, sentence structure and three story arcs. These blogs have their purpose (for a small segment of well adjusted creatives looking to expand their education), but they're next to useless for the issues that way more writers actually need help with, like creative blocks and feelings of worthlessness. 

When I'm stuck on a project, I have never gone to a traditional writing craft blog, read an article and been like: "Oh wow! I'm cured now!"

If knowledge on its own was enough to inspire action and destroy writing blocks, everyone and their mothers would have written a book by now. Writing craft blogs just aren’t enough. Never have been, never will be. And I’ll tell you why:

They don’t speak to the part of you that’s scared.

Writing takes so much more than facts and figures and we all know this. And therefore, it’s not craft posts we need —

It’s courage.

How often do we trawl through posts online, searching for something different, something new, something more? That’s not because we don't know the mechanics of how to write. It's because we're looking for permission - something to give us the fire to do everything we deeply want to do, the things that are burning inside our souls. It's not just about the technical side, but the emotional side, too. 

Writing advice needs to be practical, but also spiritual, for the times you feel like giving up on it all and need that extra boost of worldly encouragement. 

And THAT is what holistic writing advice is all about.

So let’s end reading craft blogs and feeling productive without having anything to show for it — and let's focus on what really works.

Writing advice with soul beats boring grammar tips, every time.

Over to you:

Would you agree that all you really need in your creative life is a little more courage? Let me know in the comments below.