How to write more

I don't know you, but I know that one possible reason you're not writing as much as you'd like is because you're waiting for it to happen on auto pilot.

Somewhere along the line we got caught up in the romantic idea of an idea that just strikes us from the heavens, then immediately results in a flurry of your frantic fingers and a huge pile of papers to show for it at the end of the day. No stress, no fuss. There are too many movies where writers just yawn, stretch, and mosey over to their computers knowing exactly what to write and getting it all perfect the first time.

You may have lost your initial motivation and passion for your project, but you're praying that someday by some miracle, it'll all come rushing back and you'll get that thing done...finally.

The simple actions we do to survive take millions of micro-actions in your brain to perform every day - but they're all on autopilot. The steps we need to take to start and finish a piece of writing aren’t, unfortunately.

Writing always has, and always will require a conscious choice.

This is the reason we don't go and sit down to write immediately when we consider it instead of whinging about it all the time. It's not that simple. We know how to take the first technical step, but not the first courageous step. So what is the first step, exactly?

Find the story that you desperately need to share.

That message needs to be stronger and more important than anything else in the moment.

You need to convince yourself, wholeheartedly, that what you have to say is the most important thing in the entire world in that moment. You need to convince yourself that what you have to say will be worthwhile to someone, even if that person is just you. 

So today, think about what really, really needs to be said. What is really important and needs to be brought into the world, by you.

That's when it comes easily.

That's when you'll begin.

Over to you:

Have you found that one really important project that needs to be brought into the world by you yet? Let me know in the comments section below!