Hey there you high-flying, jet-setting, future empire-building creative legend, you.

So you've conquered your fears. You've mastered your health and productivity. And now, you've decided that you're finally ready. Your time is now

This is the most completely personalised, high-end group coaching program I offer based on the practical implications of building a creative empire, being able to do the work you feel inspired to create every single day, and to be PAID for it.

What do I mean by a creative empire, exactly?

You know the drill...that dream career and life you've had spinning around in your brain for years but just didn't think it could ever happen. Not because you don't have the skill or talent, but just because you don't have the know-how or support to make it happen. This dream is so big that your friends don't get it and it even scares you a little bit. I'm talking TV interviews, broadways shows, YouTube channels with millions upon millions of followers. I'm talking library shelves worth of your own books in your million-pound mansion estate. If you want it, we can create it.

    This group coaching program will encourage you to dream big, then give you the guidance to make it happen.

    It is the only course where I am with you every step of the way LIVE to coach you through the specific aspects of your own brand and business in a way that is so uncomfortably person it may just change the way you think about yourself forever. You will be able to ascend with the company you will keep here - and you will receive guidance for your life (based on someone who has been and done it) that you never thought was even possible.

    I want to help you:

    • Create a killer website that actually works for you
    • Find your ideal clients and make them come to you
    • Discover your zone of genius and how to create products that you love to make, and the world loves to consume
    • Teach workshops and create online experiences
    • Dazzle potential collaborators, producers, your audience and the world

    Speaking of someone who has "been and done it", let me remind you who will be guiding you through this process.

    I'm an award-winning author, speaker and coach. And I'm fed up of people trying to copy me and messing themselves up...so this is all my personal memoirs, and my personal experiences formed into practical solutions and handed to you the right way. 

      So click the button below for INSTANT access to:

      • The full course challenges and modules that take you through every stage of the creative empire process (Value: £4000)

      • Exclusive field notes into my creation process, marketing strategies, and other things I haven't written or spoken about, ever (Value: £1500)

      • On demand Q&A access and monthly mentorship from me via the Facebook mentorship community (Value: £1200 per month)