Stephanie Lennox


Here's to the feel-good writing life.




"Stephanie, I need to conquer my insecurities and finally begin!" (Confidence / Mindset Coaching)

Writing is a destiny, and that the only issues holding you back from fulfilling it are emotional ones. It doesn't matter how much you know about the craft, you'll never become the successful author you always wanted to be if you're anxious, insecure or afraid. But when you truly believe in yourself? You’re unstoppable


"Stephanie, I need help actually finishing my book/project!" (Book / Writing Coaching) 

My book / writing coaching focuses on ensuring that you stay motivated and inspired during the process of writing your masterpiece as opposed to plot and sentence structure...but you best believe the book will get done. Or the magazine feature. Or the interview. Whatever it is you're just dying to get out there into the world. 

"Stephanie, I need help making my stuff more epic!" (Consulting / Creative Direction)

Sometimes the honest truth is, you need a professional to simply ask for their opinion, or bounce ideas with, or to ask for advice from when all your other friends and family are sick of you asking. Someone who fully believes in what you’re doing and will shoot straight, for better or worse. Someone who will be 100% dedicated to your success and will be there to advise your decisions along whatever journey you’re on right now. With me, you get all of that, and more.


"Stephanie, I need it all done for me, like...yesterday." (Business Strategy / Done for you) 

I know as much about generating massive profitability for you on the outside as I do about cultivating strength from the inside. I can help you build on your existing plans for your writing career, or develop completely new strategies and campaigns for your business, so that your writing has the best chance of being seen out in the world.