"Build Your Creative Empire" Online Course

BUILD YOUR CREATIVE EMPIRE is the most personalised, high-end group coaching program I offer based on the practicalities of building a creative empire, being able to do the work you feel inspired to do every single day, and to be PAID for it.

It's the only course where I am with you every step of the way LIVE to coach you through the specific aspects of your own brand and business in a way that is so uncomfortably personal it may just change the way you think about yourself forever. You'll ascend with the company you will keep here - and receive guidance for your life (based on someone who has been and done it) that you never even thought possible.

Click the button below and on launch, you will receive:

  • The full course modules that take you through every stage of the creative empire process (Value: £4000)
  • Exclusive first looks and deep field notes into my creation process, marketing strategies, and other things I haven't written or spoken about, ever (Value: £1500)
  • On demand Q&A access and weekly mentorship from me via the Facebook mentorship community (Value: £1200 per month)

Launching January 2019!