Lennox Media (Patreon Club)

Welcome to Lennox Media! This is my personal studio where I work with a variety of artists and creatives to create my own works. Get an epic behind the scenes look at how a professional creative work comes together, as well as other exciting behind the scenes action, excerpts and bonuses every month.

This is the magical (offline, and now online) place where all my ideas are dreamt up, and where you get to experience my stories in real-time, either as an eager spectator or an active contributor in the action.

I've been working in the studio for years as it is the place where I write my works in preparation for publication, and so many are gearing up to be launched next year...and you can find out more about it by signing up to my free library where you'll be the first to know when the new hub launches. For now though, you can check up on sneak peeks on the blog.