The #Wholewriter Mastermind Group

Welcome to The #Wholewriter Mastermind Group! A monthly membership community for writers who are ready to meet the person inside them who is not afraid.This is the ultimate holistic health group for writers to hang out and be productive at the same time - the perfect mixture of fun, accountability and creativity. 

You see...wellbeing is everything if you're going to be a productive writer. So as well as the Q&A access you receive to award-winning writer and screenwriter Stephanie Lennox, this group is filled with creative prompts, wellbeing practices, goodies, bonuses and 24/7 support. Everything you need to be the best writer you can possibly be. 

Here's what you get:

  • The Facebook subscription group + community
  • Qualified special guests
  • Never before seen training videos
  • Daily writing challenges/prompts
  • Downloadables and meditations
  • Writing/wellbeing sprints every Monday at 12pm EST

* Although the advice provided in this space will be from qualified professionals, I personally am not a doctor nor a qualified health professional - and so this program is mainly for fun, and the love of healthy living. If that's okay with you, click the big juicy button!