Book & Writing Coaching

Book & Writing Coaching

from 200.00

AKA, the "Stephanie, I need help actually finishing my book!" package.

This package was created to silence the voices in your head that tells you that writing is worthless, or not for you, and empowers you to rise to your full potential with proven strategies, case studies and tips to help you become more productive and motivated as a writer.

We’ll discover the perfect method for you - a method that will allow you to enjoy every stage of the writing process, and finally finish that novel you’ve been daydreaming about.

With this package, you will receive:

  • An online assessment immediately after you invest, where I can really get to understand the in’s and out of what you want and need.

  • A personalised, guided success plan that gives you a practical process and milestones to follow towards your big dream. It’ll be specifically tailored to compliment your strengths, the optimal routine for you, and the way you will truly shine.

  • Up to 12 x powerful follow up calls or emails to keep you on track, but most importantly, keep you motivated and passionate while writing your bestselling work.

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