Business Strategy / Done for you

Business Strategy / Done for you

from 600.00

I know as much about generating massive profitability for you on the outside as I do about cultivating strength from the inside. With this package, I can help you build on your existing plans for your creative career, or develop completely new strategies and campaigns for your business, so that your writing has the best chance of being seen out in the world. 

With this package, you will receive:

  • An online assessment immediately after you invest, where I can really get to understand the in’s and out of what you want and need.

  • The option to receive a personalised profit plan or a bespoke done-for-you service for your website, blog and brand. It’ll be specifically tailored to compliment your strengths, and the way you will truly shine.

  • Up to 12 x powerful follow up calls or emails to keep you on track, but most importantly, free from insecurities and completely ready to start building your creative empire.

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