Consulting / Creative Direction

Consulting / Creative Direction

from 200.00

AKA, the "Stephanie, I need help making my stuff more epic!" package.

Sometimes the honest truth is, you need a professional to simply ask for their opinion, or bounce ideas with, or to ask for advice from when all your other friends and family are sick of you asking. Someone who fully believes in what you’re doing and will shoot straight, for better or worse. Someone who will be 100% dedicated to your success and will be there to advise your decisions along whatever journey you’re on right now.

With me, you get all of that, and more.

With this package, you will receive:

  • An online assessment immediately after you invest, where I can really get to understand the in’s and out of what you want and need.

  • All your initial questions answered in depth, and a bespoke plan of potential ideas for you to pursue, based on your unique personality, strengths and star quality.

  • Up to 12 x powerful follow up calls or emails in case you have more questions, and most importantly, keeping you on track to the new exciting creative life you desire.

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