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Inside each and every writer:

  • Who has ever been afraid to spread their message or use their voice,
  • Who has grown terrified of what people think, or how they are perceived,
  • Who has ever received abuse for their art,
  • Or has ever failed, 
  • Or has ever felt like giving the person inside you them is not afraid. 

The person who is still a dreamer, a romantic, and who is still creative as they've ever been. A person who has never been harmed by criticism or negativity from others or your own troubled thoughts. A person who is strong and confident and perfect. And a person that will never stop striving to find creative fulfilment in their lives. THAT is your #wholewriter.

This person is lying dormant under the weight of your daily duties and laundry and shopping lists - but also the person that if you ever decide you're ready to be the creative you were destined to be, will be there waiting for you. 

It’s time to meet yours.



The #Wholewriter Mastermind Group is the ultimate holistic group for you to hang out and be healthy, social and productive all in one place. You see...feeling well is the secret to writing well.

 And by feeling well I mean within yourself, but it doesn't hurt to work on the exterior from time to time too. I don't have to tell you about the wealth of diseases being a writer can attract*...but being healthy on the outside also helps the inner work get a little more easier. So here's to: 

Ending isolation // Ending depression // Promoting health and wellbeing

Health is everything if you're going to be a productive writer. So as well as the crucial Q&A access you receive to award-winning writer and screenwriter Stephanie Lennox, this group is filled with creative prompts, health and workout tips, meditation practices, goodies, bonuses and 24/7 support. Everything you need to be the best #wholewriter you can possibly be.





+ What is the #Wholewriter Movement all about?

The #Wholewriter Movement is dedicated to helping writers manage the struggles of their writing lives holistically through self-care practices, empowerment, and the simple question: "What would your #wholewriter do?"

Originating primarily from Stephanie's book "The Authorship Program®" and complimentary keynote speeches, the idea took on a life of its own and we have plans to expand even further with this mission in a variety of ways (including merchandise, school and university talks and more) in order to help the most vulnerable in our creative community come into their own, get the support they need and become the best versions of themselves they can be.

+ Why The #Wholewriter Mastermind Group?

The support and positivity you'll receive here is unparalled - it is unlike any other group you'll ever experience on the internet...and in my opinion? So much better. Not only do I vet the quality of the people included and have moderators to ensure the conversation stay productive but also fun, but I actively use this group myself and have found massive success from it personally. There's no group I'd rather hang out in!

+ How do payments work? Are there refunds? Can I cancel any time?

Like most memberships, the payments are automatic each month so you don’t have to think about them. You can cancel at any time, but there are no refunds for months you’ve already purchased. (Cancellation is easy and the instructions are on the inside.)

+ Will I get step-by-step advice on how to write a book?

Short answer, no. This group is tailored to providing support to writers who already in the process of writing a book, and is not a course, so it doesn’t include the full breakdown of writing a book. If you’re looking for the essential first step to writing a book however (which is conquering your fears), cosnsider The Authorship Program® book or online course. Or for a more in-depth, personalised, hands-on experience, join Stephanie for a coaching session.

+ Are there any prerequisites?

Nope! Come exactly as you are.

You don't have to be a certain height, weight or age to join this's simply for anyone who is interested in a low-pressure, supportive place to focus on their health and their craft.

You don't have to be working on a certain type of writing work either. If you have a project you need to be inspired into action with, that's awesome, and if not, don't worry! There are loads of prompts to get you started even from scratch. I think that's everything...are you ready?!


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The #Wholewriter Mastermind Group (£10/mo)

✓ Monthly mastermind subscription

✓ Community, bonuses & Q&A access

✓ Renews monthly

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The #Wholewriter Mastermind Group (£120/yr)

✓ Yearly mastermind subscription

✓ Community, bonuses & Q&A access

✓ Renews yearly


* Although the advice provided in this space will be from qualified professionals, I personally am not a doctor nor a qualified fitness professional - and so this program is mainly for fun, and the love of healthy living. If that's okay with you, click one of the buttons above!