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I write bestselling booksspeak on creativity, fear, wellness, leadership and productivity -- and create platforms where I can pose the question: what kind of creative would you be if you weren't afraid?


Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I'm Stephanie - an award-winning author, keynote speaker, studio head, mother of the #wholewriter movement, and wellness advocate. My core message — that feeling well is the secret to writing well — has inspired writers and creatives across the globe to reclaim their dreams and create the careers they've always wanted.

But let me tell you...I had to deal with a whole lot of fear and insecurity along the way.

I was only able to do all the things I've done over the years because I figured out that: 

@@The only issues holding us creatives back from being successful are emotional, and the only person holding you back is YOU.@@

I pulled my consciousness (kicking and screaming) through a journey of self-transformation that freed me from fear and allowed me to write over 160+ stories, poems and plays, win national awards and feel confident and fulfilled in my work every single day. And I can do it for you.

For writers:

I believe that writing is a destiny, something we will hunger and strive toward forever, and so we should have the tools to pursue it without fear. So, I've created tools to help awaken your #wholewriter: the person inside you who is not afraid.

So for you, I offer THE AUTHORSHIP PROGRAM: a book and multimedia course that helps you conquer fear in just 12 weeks, and THE #WHOLEWRITER MASTERMIND GROUP: a membership community that keeps you on track in the pursuit of your creative dreams. I host exciting events for my writing courses all the time, some of which you'll find here, and others you'll discover if you're signed up to receive your free tools, here.

For readers:

I write stuff. If you're a fan of thrillers, romances, transgressive or interactive fiction, or even spoken word poetry, then you will love LENNOX MEDIA. This is the magical (offline & online) studio where all my ideas are dreamt up, and where you'll get to experience my stories in real-time, either as an eager spectator or an active contributor in the action.

I've been working in the studio for years as it is the place where I write my works in preparation for publication, and so many are gearing up to be launched next year...and you can find out more about it by signing up to my free library where you'll be the first to know when the new hub launches. For now though, you can check up on sneak peeks on the blog.

For creative entrepreneurs:

I teach the behind-the-scenes insights and secrets into building your own creative empire and making over six figures in my latest offering, BUILD YOUR CREATIVE EMPIRE. If you, like me, would love to create for a living and be paid for it, this course is where I give you the laser-focused challenges and high-end, personalised coaching you'll need to not only make something worthwhile faster than you ever imagined, but also better than you ever imagined.

In conclusion:

The things I've created here were created to serve as your champions in times where there may not be anyone in your life to remind you that @@your creative work has value@@. That's not the first time I've said that in my career, and I'm sure it's not the last.

Stick with me and you'll get mental, emotional and spiritual guidance you can't get anywhere else, and the insights you need to become the #wholewriter you were destined to be.

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Are you ready?