Stephanie Lennox
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Stephanie Lennox is an author, speaker, mother of the #wholewriter movement and creator of platforms that help creatives bring their ideas to life. 


Stephanie Lennox is a multi-faceted author, speaker, transmedia producer, mother of the #wholewriter movement and wellness advocate.

She has written over 160 stories, poems and plays throughout her lifetime, but her professional journey began in 2009, when one of her works became a screenplay, then a short movie, which premiered on the red carpet and in cinemas all across London to guests such as Anne Hathaway and Jason Isaacs. She studied Creative Writing at Oxford University, and her debut novel, "I Don't Remember You" was long-listed for the Polari First Book Prize in 2011. 

She found success and prominence through her popular 12-week online course, THE AUTHORSHIP PROGRAM® - a revolutionary, immersive experience that uses spirituality and personal development practices to help writers conquer fear in their creative lives - that also comes in the form of a book, daily planner, and licensed facilitator program. As a role-model to writers, artists and creatives across the globe, Stephanie is dedicated to helping them gain long-term significance, confidence and profit, and in helping them realise that their creative work has value. 

Stephanie is the leader of THE WHOLEWRITER MOVEMENT, a cause for writers across the globe who are struggling with their self-worth and productivity. Stephanie uses her own story to show creatives that there is a #Wholewriter within them: your strongest, bravest, healthiest self. The story is this: There is a #Wholewriter inside you who is not afraid. The metholodology is this: What would your #Wholewriter do? 

From time to time she also works with and creates projects for other companies and charities simply to further the movement, including media outlets such as The Guardian, TimeOut, GetConnectedITV News, The Southbank Centre, The Bookseller, To Write Love On Her Arms and more.