TSLS 0015 - Don’t just wait for success, prepare for it.


Everyone is always so busy preparing to fail.

I see it every day in creatives I talk to, in the way my friends and family talk about their plan B’s; how everyone around me in everyday life seems to be seeking a back up plan that is cushy and comfy and easy to fall back on, in case they never have the guts to go fully in.

So here's my question, my daily practice for you, something for you to think about today and to consider seriously:

Have you ever tried to prepare yourself to succeed?

Like, really. No back-up plan. No excuses. No easy way out when the going gets tough.

Instead of making plans for what you're going to do in case you want to give up - why not instead make plans to ensure that you don't? 

Instead of simply knowing you need to be better at writing if you ever want to be on The Oprah Show, why not start preparing your press release? Why not prepare an article every day in case she invites you to be a contributor? 

This isn't empty delusion - this is visualising a successful outcome so it creates the conditions for success. And even if it isn't the success you planned for, there will still be success. You will have still created the foundations for something you will always have - in physical work and in mental strength. 

Let's face it: people who aren't prepared for opportunities rarely receive any. And on the rare occasion they do, they lose them, or mess them up, or feel that they are not worthy enough to receive them.

So think about it: what in your life do you want, but are nowhere near prepared for?

What are you not prepared for, and yet spend all day complaining that you don't have?

Over to you:


Are you prepared to succeed? Let me know in the comments section below!