Introducing the #wholewriter movement

Inside each and every writer who has ever been afraid to spread their message or use their voice...

Every writer who has grown terrified of what people think, or how they are perceived; who has ever received abuse for their art, or has ever failed, or has ever felt like giving up...

Inside each and every writer who has experienced these things, is a #wholewriter.

I'm talking about the person inside you who is not afraid. 

The person inside you, somewhere, who is still a dreamer, a romantic, and who is still creative as ever. And who has never been harmed by criticism or negativity from others or from your own troubled thoughts. A person who is strong, and confident, and perfect. This person is just waiting for the day you realise that staying small isn't doing you any favours. 

This person is lying dormant under the weight of your fear and your insecurities, but it's easy to reconnect with them if you're willing to do so.

I've always believed that the day you discover that you enjoy writing is the day you discover your destiny. I believe that writing is a destiny, something we will hunger and strive toward forever, and so we should have the tools to pursue it without fear. So, I want to start a movement that will help awaken the #wholewriters all around the world, and to help them fulfil the best versions of themselves.

This is the movement:

The #Wholewriter Movement is dedicated to empowering writers and helping them protect their creative spirits through regular and sustained acts of self care.

And this is my special invitation to you.

When you were born, you were without doubts, fears, and worries. You were whole.

Along the way, however - people or events took you off course. These people and events chipped away at you, and caused you to feel drained, stressed, insecure, and made you feel that you were otherwise “lesser” than you truly were.

Regaining your self-confidence, your self-worth, and your sense of wholeness is the most crucial aspect of any writer’s success, and that comes from within. So when I call you a “whole writer”, I’m not talking to you - I’m talking to the person inside of you. 

Your whole writer knows that writing is their destiny, and will never give up.
Your whole writer knows that writing is the one true path to everything they want in life.
Your whole writer wants to take active steps to make sure they stay strong and feel good in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.
Your whole writer knows that no force on earth can stop them once they are free of their insecurities.
And most important of all, your whole writer isn’t afraid.

So the next time you’re doubting yourself, or comparing yourself, or worrying about your future, you just remember: There is a whole writer inside of you.

I want you to remember that I believe in you. I want the title of "whole writer" to remind you of the standard I’m holding you to, and the life I envision for you, even when you can’t see it for yourself.

A whole writer is a normal writer who was just waiting for "the sign" that they should UP their game and finally become who they were meant to be.

And guess what?

This is it.

Over to you:

Does this sound right for you? Does this sound like the movement you've been waiting for? Let me know in the comments below!



Welcome to the movement.

Stephanie Lennox