TSLS 0043 - The frustrated creatives' manifesto (for when things aren't going well and you need a perfect revolution)


Writing isn't a real job. Creativity doesn't make money. Everyone online and on television got lucky, or are lying. We've just been fooling ourselves all this time.

These are the kind of things I think to myself when writing isn't going well

When I want to write, but don't know WHAT to write.

Or when I don't know whether or not it'll be worth anything to anyone at all.

Whether it's good enough by the imaginary, insurmountably high standards I set for myself. 

And then I get frustrated with yourself because I want it to work so bad.

I judge myself so hard because if anyone were to come to me with the same struggles, I know exactly what I'd say, and it wouldn't be at all sympathetic. Stop being a loser! I'd say. Buck up! Get it done!  

But sometimes, there just are no words. There is a block so large and heavy and unseen that it ruins everything. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we're overwhelmed by pressure. Sometimes we're just over the rejection, the insecurity, and have just mentally given up.

Writing hurts, writing judges, so let's be done with it. 

I don't want you to write. From now on I want you to do anything but write. 

Find something to say, and say it. Find something to get angry at, to stand behind, to show up for — then let it stream out of you from there. It's not writing then, but living on the page. It's sharing a message. It's having something to say, and not judging yourself as you say it.

Never allow fear or perfectionism or doubt to hinder the essence of your perfect revolution. 

Don't just write - explain. Express. Make art. Scream through words. Shake the world.

No longer shall you beg for the words to come out of you. 

From now on you will wait for an idea so big,

So powerful and important,

That the words beg you.