TSLS 0033 - Your negative emotions are your muse in disguise

If there's one thing I've learnt in my creative life, it's that you just can't sit around waiting for the right feeling to hit.

Sometimes it will be there, sometimes not.

Sometimes the feeling that does manifest will be negative, but none of that means you aren't still as creative, wonderful and useful as you were yesterday. In fact, now, you're bringing something new to the table. 

Your negative emotions are your muse in disguise

We put too much pressure on ourselves to put on a show, where we pretend to be happy and empowered all the time, because we assume that's what the world wants from us. But what the world really needs is your vulnerability and authenticity, no matter what form it takes. There is as much power in creating something using your negative emotions, as there are in your positive ones.

The next time you're feeling stressed or frustrated, consider that perhaps, you have the perfect set of circumstances to make great art. - (Tweet this!)

You're allowed to show up in sadness or exhaustion.

Sometimes that's all you have to give to the world.

It is only by showing up, in all your frustration and anger and sadness, that you finally start to heal. Let your desperate, creative, artistic soul put its energy to good use, because it just wants to be heard and validated, too. 

Even in your darkness, even in the depths of your struggles, you deserve to be seen and heard. You are a force, an overflowing chalice of creativity, a vessel of truth, and your voice deserves it's pedestal.

Today is the day it matters most.

It doesn't matter that you're not feeling your best.

It doesn't matter that you're not feeling all that courageous.

This might just be the time in your life where you are the most creative.