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I owe you an apology, creatives (but this is the last you'll ever get from me)

Hi, my friends.

It’s the 23rd of May in the UK today and it’s unusually hot. There’s so much sun pouring into my bedroom window I’ve had to close it, pull down the blinds and sit in the deep orange hue that is still somehow trying to barrage through screaming, “LOVE ME, FOR I AM THE SUN AND I AM HERE!” 

I hope you’re having a great day today. What I need you to do is stop what you’re doing (besides reading this article) and put “Pink Moon” by Tash Sultana on. That is the soundtrack for this post and apology, for its cool vibe, and particularly its words I used through this entire apology post.

“Pink moon, light the darkest room, so I’ll find my way - put the records on, play my favourite song, wipe the dust away...”

Let’s start at the beginning…

If you’re new, hi, my name is Stephanie Lennox. I’ve always been a flaky, transgressive artist, and I’ve been neglecting this blog for waaaay too long. But now I’m back to make some noise.

If you’re a veteran, I’m sorry that we lost all of our comments in the revamp...! I’m just as heartbroken as you are. I can only promise you that this new direction I want to take us all in will be worth it.

“Put the kettle on, coffee high for fun, cut the noose, run away, you’re running with the wind, winter soon ends.”

Why I went away

The reason I’m so passionate about helping creative people conquer their fears and their demons is because I’m trying to be the person in the world that I NEED. Not just when I was younger, but right now. I went away because sometimes when you slay one demon, another one pops up in its place and you have to take some time out to find yourself again.

After two long years of stress brought on by a series of unfortunate events, I ended up in a less than idea situation - weighed down by depression, betrayals from people close to me and the hovering possibility of a diagnosis of BPD. And sure there were good moments too, but when such heavy issues were happening in my life, inevitably, some things fell away or got somewhat neglected in the chaos, and for me this was the business. I withdraw into myself when things get tough because that’s where I find my answers - however, I’m well aware that’s not the most considerate thing to do when people are following you.

I want to be completely honest and transparent because I can’t guarantee it WON’T ever happen again, and that’s what used to scare me so much.

But it’s also the reason I came back.

Not only do I just LOVE all this stuff I do, I love and truly believe in my products and LOVE the community and movement that are building around them… but I also remembered that my passion for the mental health of creatives was one of the main reasons I started all of this in the first place. Mental health, or just your general average everyday struggles, are never something to be ashamed of. It would have been selfish and hypocritical of me not to share that journey with other people who might be going through similar struggles and need to hear that they’re not alone. I have so much to say and to teach and I can’t let my own dark moments prevent me from my ultimate mission of shining light on others wherever and whenever I can.

It’s also always been important for me to represent the many minorities I represent, and to be a strong role model for mental health and for what I preach. 

I’m here. Struggling at times but also loving life. Strong and resilient even if I drop off sometimes. LGBT and black and not letting it hold me back. Introverted but also loud and brash and making coin by being there for people and doing what I love. If I can be all these things and succeed, I promise you, you have no excuse. And one thing I won’t ever do is allow YOU to fall.

So there you have it, my story and apology. And the main thing I’m trying to explain here is that I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those consistent, everyday people. I’m not a “Mina Schwartz“. But I promise to be that one mean-looking, mysterious uncle who is actually really nice, and who comes out of the shadows from time to time with tickets to Disneyland.

YES I am a special brand of crazy, but you need to be to do this line of work. To keep a fire burning inside of your heart for so long, and a passion for other people and to run and lead movements.

“‘Cause I don’t care, no, I don’t care. And no, I don’t care, no, I don’t care…”

What’s coming now

When I’m sad, I create. And so even in what was supposed to be my “downtime” and my break from the creative world, I ended up with a crap ton of new material. SO many books are on their way. I have so much else planned too like new events and courses, that I’m actually grateful for the break and the experiences I’ve had. I really did just need to grow before I could even bring them to you all properly and now is finally the time. But as I work on launch plans for them all, you guys will have plenty on my new, revamped website to explore and I hope you find it all useful.

“’Cause I’m going crazy again, ‘Cause I’m going crazy again, again, again.”

What I need from you

Give me that chance to help you lead your best life. Sign up to my newsletter so you stay updated with quality content that will up-level your creative mindset and life. I have smart things to say, and it’ll get kind of boring and lonely over here if I have no one to say them to.

Come check on your girl sometimes. I promise I’ll have SOMETHING going on that will improve your life.

“Blinded by the light, putting up one hell of a fight. Weightless in the water, don’t care what they taught ya, no, I don’t care, no I don’t, no I…”

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TSLS 0046 - The story so far: about me, The Authorship Program®, and what a 10,000+ strong creative revolution might look like!

I believe that the reason so many writers fail is because we are our own worst enemies.

We tell us that we’ll never be good enough, that our efforts are a waste of time and that we should be doing something more worthwhile. And the worst part? The world tends to agree with us.

But I also believe that no one ever "chooses" to be a writer. It's not a choice, it's a destiny. Whether you want to do it professionally or simply enjoy it as a hobby, you shouldn’t have to put up with people’s opinions on your life-long passion.

If you don’t fight for this, who will?

It was a cold Monday afternoon when I decided that it was either time to give up on my dreams of a career and on my life, or find a solution. I needed a way to protect my sanity if I wanted to continue in such an unpredictable, uncertain industry. I needed a SYSTEM. Enter The Authorship Program®.

The Authorship Program® is a book, course and community, all with the same singular purpose…to drive home the fact that if you are a writer:

You deserve to feel good about the work you do.

I don’t ever want anyone to ever feel the same way I did on that day, ever. I hope no more lives are lost due to insecurity or shame about their creativity.

I’m creating this blog because I love helping writers lead better writing lives. I’m creating it because it’s the blog I want to read. I’m creating it because I believe that incorporating spirituality and personal development into your daily life is directly proportional to how much success you'll have as an author. And I’m here to share my never-before-seen insights, ideas and practices that you can’t get anywhere else.

Writers deserve to feel good about the work they do. It's a destiny, not a choice - one that you deserve to feel good about, enjoy the pursuit of, and live through without insecurity.

I’ve decided that my first step on the path is to set myself a goal with a time limit. I aim to help 10,000 writers achieve their goals by the age of 30, which will come at the end of 2021.

Here’s the full story so far:

November 21st, 2014: I start the book without a clue what I wanted to say or how. The words were just channeled through me, given to me as a gift to share with writers across the world.
January 5th, 2014: I enlisted the help of some of my closest friends in the writing community who were more than happy to beta test, and word started spreading about this awesome new lifestyle idea for writers.

May 10th, 2014: The book launched with a LIVE cover reveal and three 12-hour launch parties on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In the time leading up to the launch, I shared free lessons, quotes, printables, worksheets and prizes on social media.
June 2014: I hear murmurs and get emails from writers who love the material, but wish there was more hands-on support and community to go through it with. I get to work on the online version of the program!

June 2014 - April 2016: The book becomes a success by all my standards. I’ve receive stories everyday from writers telling me how the program has changed their lives that have me in happy tears.

May 2016: I add the finishing touches to the online program…which has been a looong time coming, and only now do I feel it is ready to serve writers in the best way.

May 2016: The blog has already had several iterations, with lots of stops and starts while I figured out what I truly wanted this movement to look like. But now it’s all clear…and here we are. And I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Over the past few years, there have been so many extraordinary events which have lead to the creation of this blog today. It’s an end of an era for the writers of the world who have ever felt alone, and the beginning for what I’m calling the holistic lifestyle movement. It is all one hell of an adventure.

I refuse to be ruled by fear or shame any longer. This is the log of how I'm going to become remarkable…and I’d love you to join me.

If you’re new here and haven’t joined yet, we’d love to have you! Just enter your email below to join the community.

Again, welcome, and here’s to the beginning of the rest of your life.

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TSLS 0020 - The official wholewriter t-shirt is here!

Let me tell you a little about what this little ol' T-Shirt means to me. 

It's a message. This shirt means you're a writer who wants to take care of themselves in the pursuit of all their hopes and dreams, and is proud enough to let the world know it. You're willing to share that message with all the other writers who struggle with self-worth, and with feeling that their talent or passion isn't good enough in the eyes of the world. 

It's a community. And one that others will find because of you. Can you imagine being the person who saves someone's life...someone who was feeling alone and unloved and unheard but finally finds their tribe, all because of you and your t-shirt? It opens a new world for those few people out there in the world that our message has not yet touched.

It is a plea to all struggling writers. Your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial health? They are all so important to me. And I know that's a lot to believe when you're out there feeling all alone with your fears and weaknesses, but this shirt is to remind you that you are NOT alone. You are not the only one feeling this way, you are not the only person to have ever experienced setbacks or insecurities, and you are not the only person who cares about YOU. Because we do.

It is an invitation. To join the movement, to stick around, and to grow with the community into the best version of yourself that you can be; the person inside of you who is not afraid, to set an example to all those around you who were ever afraid to pursue their destinies on the account of them being "not seeming important enough in the world". For not being a STEM subject.

It's the future. It's the next generation of empowerment and compassion for all creative people worldwide. It is an era of open-hearted communication and respect for the wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable people in our societies. It's working from the bottom up. And I hope you're ready.

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TSLS 0016 - Introducing The Authorship Program®

Writing isn’t a choice, it’s a destiny.

How else could you explain the endless daydreaming, the new story lines, characters, and happy endings? The new notebook smell, the messy, hurried handwriting, or the tomes of craft books scattered around our neglected homes?

How else could you explain the persistent feeling that writing is what you were made for? 

That’s why it hurts so much when we sit down to write and all the fears and doubts kick in, and you start to doubt whether the writing life really is for you. It only makes it worse when people tell you, “No one said it would be easy!”

Well I’m telling you, it can be. 

@@The trick is to stop being your own worst enemy.@@

You are creative. You are talented. You have everything it takes. The only reason you're not moving forward is because you're letting your fears get the better of you.

I know this because I've been right there. 

I've been wracked with fear, doubt, insecurity, and anxiety, name it, I've had it.

But let me tell you something. 

When I thought about the life I'd have to live if I gave up writing - if I gave in to the fear, and had to surrender to a life without sharing my message or entertaining or teaching people for a living - I couldn't breathe.

I couldn't bree-aaa-tthe.

So for me, there simply wasn't any other option. I had to figure out a solution, or I knew I wouldn't survive. 

Writing doesn't get harder...the only thing that makes it hard is when your feelings towards it change.

Wouldn’t it be great if something could take that pain away? 

Something that could take the stress out of the experience and stop you from acting like your own worst enemy?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program that would encourage you to move towards your dreams and be the best you can be?

Well, here it is.

Everything you've ever needed is all wrapped up here in one smug, convenient package.

Oh yes.

This particular package includes:

  • Over 300 activities: You can improve your writing and your life as you read with activities that are embedded within the pages of the book, for your convenience.

  • Summaries: If you're in a hurry, need a quick pick-me-up, or want to remind yourself of the key ideas of a lesson, there are easy to read and remember summaries in the book to help you do just that.

  • Case Studies: The book is full of real-world examples of people whose problems have been solved through the program.

  • In Depth Analyses: This book goes deeper than any writing book has ever gone before, with deep analyses on a wide range of writing-related subjects.

  • Tips: Need to improve your writing technique, or improve your mood, right NOW? You'll find hundred of great tips to help you do that in this book. 

  • Golden Rules: The reoccurring themes in the book are referred to as "The Golden Rules". These are essential to your personal growth, and they are laid out clearly and completely within the book.

  • Psychological & Scientific Theories: This book isn't all "woo-woo" and cheerleading. All my practices are backed by scientific and psychological studies.

  • Mantras: Why not discover some easy sayings to help your writing day get just that little bit easier? Mantras are the best way to do that.

  • Affirmations: Remove all the negativity from your mind using affirmations, that help you focus and become a more positive, resilient human being.

  • Index: Find exactly what you want, when you want it, with this comprehensive index.

The Authorship Program® helps you solve ANY creative challenge.

1. The Authorship Program® Online Course -
2. The Authorship Program® E-Book -
3. The Authorship Program® Paperback -
4. The Authorship Program® Daily Practice -
5. The Authorship Program® Coffee Mug - (out of stock!)
6. The Authorship Program® Keepsake Box - (out of stock!)

It is a book, online course, and multimedia experience that removes the emotional barriers preventing you from leading the life you're destined to lead.

If you resonate with anything I've said at all in this launch, I invite you to stand up for yourself and your dream and grab a copy of the life that will change your life today.

Your new life is waiting.

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