Don’t let anyone get you down. (My new shirts + the story behind them)


New shirts today!

These are part of the #wholewriter collection, and they are special to me because they're so simple, yet effective. You'll come to notice that this is the theme of all my apparel designs soon enough! These ones read:

Don't let anyone anyone anyone get you down.

And that means so much to me.

This message came to me when I was pretty low.

I'd been betrayed by friends and family alike, stolen from, heartbroken and was just barely surviving after being abruptly ejected out of everything I knew. I looked to my right, then left, and there wasn't anyone I felt I could talk to about the issues I was having. No one I felt would even miss my presence if I wasn't around.

But then, that same day, as I was collecting old scraps of abandoned stories and diary entries that had somehow spilled out from my suitcase as I went to open it - right there on the hardwood floor was a piece of paper that had been completely destroyed by water, other than the words:

Don't let anyone anyone anyone get you down.

I couldn't remember writing that but there it was, in my handwriting. The only legible sentence in the right-hand corner of this tattered A4 sheet. And I couldn't help but think that in the depths of my despair, this message had been sent, either by myself subconsciously from a past life or from The Universe itself, to me, and specifically for me, in this precise moment.

Images of all the people that had wronged me flashed red before my eyes, but then, in blinding white, I let them all go. And decided that another human being should never be the cause of your ill health or struggle. Another human being is not worth you losing all the wonder and potential and power that makes you, and they do not have the power to take that away from you. You get to choose the impact other people have on your life, and how long you're going to allow it. That might not be an easy choice for other people to make, but it was the choice I made on that day, and I've never looked back.

So yes, such a simple phase...but one with so much power.

If you've ever felt that you were trodden down by something as inconsequential as another human soul, know that you were wrong. Because THE UNIVERSE created you. The flesh, blood or bone of others can not defeat you. So lean into the indomitable power of you.

You'll find your strength, and passion, and energy and creativity again, I promise.

Stephanie Lennox